Les Mazures An environmental approach

Since our opening in 2010 we have always stood by a respectful and sustainable concept of tourism, by assiduously reducing our impact on the environment and creating direct benefits to Nature through a series of actions preserving and promoting biodiversity. Today this commitment is recognised as part of the French National Strategy for Biodiversity.

The criteria of sustainable development have always guided our approach and are part and parcel of our lifestyle. Our commitment rests on simple solutions and actions that make a difference. We are convinced that there is no perfect answer and that any realistic experience can be improved and adapted.

Bioclimatic construction is just one element of our commitment. We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment and creating direct benefits for the protection of Nature (and in particular, preserving biodiversity).

Fundamental criteria

We are dedicated to promoting the respect of a certain quality of life and highlighting the particularities of our area. At heart we want to provide quality service and ensure the satisfaction of our visitors. Our enthusiasm promotes our guests' awareness of the little things that make a difference. We choose responsible partners where possible and operate a policy of appropriate procurement. Communication of our approach is an essential part of our commitment.


Responsible ressource management

Our paradigm is founded on the basic reflection that the most ecological resource is one that is not used at all, and we believe in the Négawatt energy transition scenario. The bioclimatic construction of our house brings thermal and acoustic comfort. All of our lighting and electrical appliances are low consumption . Our production of hot water is adapted to the occupancy of the house and our taps and showers are fitted with flow limiters. We measure and carefully analyse our consumption each month, so that our actions are shown to be motivated and regularly re-evaluated.

An ecological approach of cycles

We care about our ecological footprint and make use of certified and carefully-selected products which we use in moderation, favouring traditional and alternative solutions. We are attentive to their impact on allergies and their effects on fauna and flora.


Rainwater is collected in a pond for use in the garden, maintaining an aquatic ecosystem. Its integration into the site and the handling of overflow was influenced by careful consideration of its positioning and of the soil characteristics.

Pesticides and chemicals are banned, in accordance with the charter of the "Jardins de Noé" to which we adhere. In the same spirit our garden is an "Oasis Nature" (Humanité et Biodiversité) and a LPO Refuge (French partner of Birdlife International). Aided by our partner "Baie de Somme Zéro Carbone" we undertook a carbon impact assessment and the sum of our efforts has been recognised by the awarding of the Green Key accreditation.