Les Mazures COVID 19

Cleanliness and hygiene have always been priorities for us but now we must do everything we can to ensure our establishment is correctly disinfected. We’ve worked with our partners to find solutions that meet health standards and our environmental commitments. We will be applying a 24−hour delay between each stay in order to guarantee everyone’s safety. We regret that due to the configuration of our property and the additional constraints we must respect, in the current circumstanceswe are unable to accommodate families with young children.

All bookings will obviously be subject to the travel restrictions and other temporary measures in force. The Covid−19 epedemic is a case of force majeure and naturally our cancellation policy will take this into account. We’ll do all we can to ensure the best conditions for your booking. We invite you to think about reserving for several days and, contrary to our usual practice, a booking of two nights’ minimum will be required. Our long−standing reduction of 10% for bookings of three nights and over will of course apply.

We will be require presentation of a valid EU Health Passport. We are unable to propose table d’hôtes evening meals at present.We’re sure you will understand that we are currently unable to allow access to the living space of the house. Our service must take account of the barrier gestures we all have to apply, and for as long as necessary.

We’ve always encouraged personal exchange when booking a stay with us and this is all but essential in the current situation. Please call us on +33 3 22 32 80 52 and don’t hesitate to leave a message if necessary. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

2020 is an anniversary year for us. We’ve been welcoming guests to our home for ten years now and it’s time to celebrate this adventure devoted to sustainable tourism, respecting the environement. We opened our doors in May 2010, the International Year of Biodiversity, in a context full of hope. This event profoundly shaped our commitment and we have never stopped following its guiding principles.

Year after year we’ve been resilient whilst tourism, seduced by the ideas of the experience economy, has tended to towards unbounded pleasure. We’ve embraced the sharing economy and held firm in the face of its aberrations based on good intentions. Life has had its share of ups and downs, as for everybody, but they haven’t weakened our determination to work for the common good. The coronavirus, a product of the world’s ever−present shortcomings took us, took us all, by surprise. We probably should have expected to face something like this, one day.

Shock now needs to give way to accountability and these two months of lockdown need to be made worthwhile. Habitually non−stop workers, we’ve taken advantage of this forced holiday to focus on our shortcomings, weaknesses and errors which we sometimes miss in the routine of daily life. As ever we need to act with professionalism and responsibility, enriched by this experience and paying even more attention to the well−being of our guests as well as our own.